Learning is at the heart of all work undertaken at Hadleigh High School. We believe that every student is uniquely gifted and should be valued accordingly. Our purpose is to create a learning environment which fosters motivation and allows all students to flourish. Our aim is not to simply teach knowledge but to empower our students by teaching them how to learn

We are striving to meet this commitment by:

  • Encouraging colleagues to constantly improve their knowledge and understanding of the skills that enable teaching and learning to be effective.
  • Having an open door policy in our classrooms to create a culture of sharing good practice and reflecting on ways to improve
  • Taking risks by applying what we learn from research, training or peers to enable fresh teaching methods
  • Contributing to, and engaging with, training programmes and continuing professional development
  • Recognising hard work and celebrating innovative practice
  • Setting ourselves SMART targets in our Performance Management procedures
  • Providing access to high quality training including Masters programmes and coaching

A further insight into teaching and learning at Hadleigh High School can be gained by accessing our virtual learning environment on the staff resources page. Some of the information is restricted by licensing and copyright but we have tried to give you a flavour of the work we do