Catch-up Funding 2015-16 Review

The Year 7 catch‐up funding provides an additional £500 for every student who has not achieved level 4 in reading and/or maths at key stage 2. This funding aims to help these students to ‘catch up’ with their peers during their first year at Hadleigh High School. The report below summarises how this funding was spent and its impact on student progress.

In 2015-16, we received £10,000 in respect of the Year 7 catch up funding.  This sum was used to intervene with support of pupils through teacher and learning support assistant delivered lessons in mainstream, as well as targeted intervention such as catch‐up literacy, catch-up numeracy and other appropriate programmes. Catch up numeracy intervention was delivered through teacher and learning support assistants with the focus of number and geometry skills. A key part of the catch up literacy intervention was undertaken by a KS2 specialist as a part‐time teacher to aid the transition between primary and secondary. The main focus of this support was to develop the pupils' ability to use basic grammar and punctuation skills correctly. A structured approach used both 'Early Reading Research', ‘Synthetic Phonics’ and 'Read, Write Inc' strategies.

What effect has the expenditure had on the attainment of year 7 pupils at Hadleigh 2015‐16?

Progress from KS2 is given in the tables below.  Those students that have not made satisfactory progress will remain part of a year 8 target group in 2015‐16, this will include a particular focus on Maths.  

Levels of Progress



Two sub levels



One whole level



More than one whole level



Working at 4c or above



How we assessed the effect on attainment:  

Attainment was measured through teacher assessment of student levels and also using the 'Group Reading Test' and 'Young's Spelling Test.'

How we plan to spend the current academic year’s allocation:  

Allocations will be based on the January 2017 census, with payments made in March 2016. We anticipate receiving a similar amount in March 2017 and plan to review and develop the work of Foundation Learning which is having the impact described above. This work will include the introduction of the Accelerated Reader scheme and also greater emphasis on carefully targeted Maths tuition.