Key Stage 4

-    PSHEe  - Personal, Health , Social, Economic education.

PSHEe is designed to allow students at Hadleigh High School to develop called ‘soft’ skills that are accompany their Key Stage 4 studies. These include: ‘Personal Growth’,  ‘Health  & Wellbeing: Mental, Emotional and Physical’, ‘Social Awareness’, ‘Exploration of Economical & Financial changes that can and will be a part of their future. We also look at the development of future careers, training, apprenticeship and employment opportunities that can engage all students.

The Information, Advice and Guidance section offered in PSHEe is a quite in-depth programme exploring the world of work and the skill employers are looking for.  Hadleigh High School also offers workshops exploring Apprenticeship’s and development of employability skills.

PSHEe is assessed to show progression in INDEPENDENCE, KNOWLEDGE, EXPLORATION & DEVELOPMENT and ASPIRATION. These skills allow students to leave Hadleigh High with confidence and an assurance that they are able to progress to further education, training or employment.

Students will study the following throughout their Key-stage 4 curriculum.

  • Personal safety, Mental Health Awareness: Dementia and Alzheimer’s the affects upon the community, family and friends.
  • Applications to further Education and Higher Education.
  • Human rights and responsibilities as an individual and in a community.
  • Understanding the developing safety issues surrounding the law and technology,
  • Sexual Relationships and the Law: Pregnancy, STI, Health, Sex, The Law and Technology. Parenting, Contraception.
  • Information, Guidance and Advice on Post 16, Employment skills, Key stage 5, Career Advice , and 2 weeks Work Experience to  in Year 10 to allow students to be empowered in their own education.
  • Drug awareness of legal and illegal highs.
  • Economical Awareness: Understanding and managing money: Payslips, Credit and Debit, Fiscal awareness of the world of work and employment.
  • Mock interviews: allow students to practice interview skills in a professional environment, allowing students to be confident and what to expect in various situations and scenarios.
  • Personal Statement writing, CV writing, the application process’, and Covering letters.

 We will be introducing this academic year and’ Ethnics and Philosophy’ module that discusses issues of:

  • Death: Life after death
  • Euthanasia and Abortion: Choosing the right to die?-Consequences and belief systems?
  • Terrorism,
  • Nuclear war,
  • Capital Punishment.
  • Genetic Engineering

What different types of activities will I do during Years 10 and 11 in order to help me learn?

  • During year 10 and Year 11 student are given a breath of knowledge that allows us to test and hone our students’ knowledge. These also allows us to identify individual learning pathways that can encourage our students to develop the skill employers will value.


Key Stage: