Key Stage 3

-    PSHEe  - Personal, Health , Social, Economic education.

 PSHEe is designed to allow students at Hadleigh High School to develop called ‘soft’ skills that are accompany the academic awards. These include personal growth and wellbeing, social awareness, exploration of economical & financial changes that can and will be a part of their future. We also look at the development of future careers and training opportunities that can engage all students.

Due the issues of Health we are linked with the HPV, Meningitis and immunisation programs that is offered to ALL students of Hadleigh High School.

The curriculum is delivered by a dedicated Team of PSHEE teachers.

We also partake in community and international events such as: Robo Cup computer Programmer international competition, Live Well Suffolk Oscars smoking cessation program.


Students will study the following throughout Key Stage 3

  • Personal safety & Cyber Safety
  • Mental Health.
  • Human rights and responsibilities as an individual and in a community.
  • Understanding the developing safety issues surrounding the law and technology,
  • Sexual relationships and the law.
  • Responsibility and independence  for own development
  • Community Awareness
  • Farming : Intensive and Organic : Pros and Cons
  • Presentation Skills.
  • Understanding the wider world through the media and what is bias?
  • Sexual Relationships and developing bodies: how the body changes and how it affects me?
  • Dealing with loss and bereavement.
  • Democracy: Understanding the role of Parliament, Local Government, EU.
  • Discrimination and Prejudice: Homophobic attitudes, LGBT, Transgender, Race, ability etc...
  • Drugs: the risks and consequences: Alcohol, smoking, e cigarettes, shisha pens and illegal drugs.

What different types of activities will I do during Key stage 3 (Year 7 –Year 9) in order to help me learn?

Some of the activities in Year 7 -9 include:

  • Video Presentations.
  • Smoking cessation videos.
  • Fundraising events.
  • Community awareness.
  • Workshops with the School Nurse team.
  • Healthy eating challenge.
  • The Real Game /Elements of managing ‘soft’ skills.
Key Stage: