Type and level of qualification: - Full course, Edexcel, 2DR01

Course Content: -    The course is made up of three units:

  • Unit 1: Drama Exploration
  • Unit 2: Exploring Play Texts
  • Unit 3: Drama Performance

Students will explore the dramatic medium, explorative strategies and the elements of drama.

The Programme of Study will introduce students to:

Explorative strategies:

  • Still image
  • Thought-tracking
  • Narrating
  • Hot-seating
  • Role play
  • Cross-cutting
  • Forum theatre
  • Marking the moment

The drama medium:

  • The use of costume
  • The use of masks and/or make-up
  • The use of sound and/or music
  • The use of lighting
  • The use of space and/or levels
  • The use of set and/or props
  • The use of movement, mime and gesture
  • The use of voice
  • The use of spoken language

The elements of drama:

  • Action/plot/content
  • Forms
  • Climax/anti-climax
  • Rhythm/pace/tempo
  • Contrasts
  • Characterisation
  • Conventions
  • Symbols

Methods of Assessment: - The students will be assessed on their performance in two pieces of written controlled assessment followed by an externally assessed performance.

  • Unit 1: Drama Exploration                 30% (controlled assessment)
  • Unit 2: Exploring Play Texts              30% (controlled assessment)
  • Unit 3: Drama Performance              40% (externally assessed performance)

What different types of activities will I do during Years 10 and 11 in order to help me learn?

  • Discussing possible dramatic readings and approaches to performing
  • Using a variety of texts from a range of dramatic genres 
  • Workshopping and exploring dramatic presentations of ideas
  • Working as part of a group as well as independently
  • Evaluating professional productions
  • Critiquing the performances of fellow students
Key Stage: