Health and Social Care


Type and level of qualification: - Full course, AQA, Course code J412.

Course Content: -    The course is made up of 2 units

Unit 1: Understanding personal development and relationships. This includes the stages and pattern of human growth and development, the development of self-concept and personal relationships including major life changes and how people deal with them, as well as the role of relationships in personal development

Unit 2:  Health, Social Care and Early Years Provision: This unit covers the range of care needs of major client group and the types of service that exist to meet client group needs. We also look at the ways people can access care services and the main roles and skills those who provide health, social and early years care must have.

Methods of Assessment: - The students will be assessed on their performance in one exam and a large piece of controlled assessment.  The exam will take place at the end of Year 11.

  • Paper One:  40%
  • Research task  – 60%

What different types of activities will I do during Years 10 and 11 in order to help me learn?:-

  • Research
  • Debating
  • Reading
  • Visits
  • Analysing resources
  • Using ICT
  • Presenting ideas
  • Visitors
  • Extended writing
  • Exam practice
Key Stage: