In Key Stage 3 students cover the following areas of Computing


Our students learn to be proficient in using a range of digital online/offline applications, how to transfer skills from one application to another, how to use search engines effectively, how to identify accurate information in the digital world and to use blogs, social networks and other online digital tools.


Our students learn to be responsible when using social networks, technology and other online tools, to understand the possible dangers they can face online, to learn how to deal with situation they may encounter online, to understand the impact ICT has on the world around them, the positive and negative effects of ICT on their lives and how to use privacy setting on social networks.


Our students learn the importance of evaluating existing digital content, to consider audience and purpose when designing and creating digital products, how to effectively combine text and images to produce effective digital products, to learn how to effectively edit, repurpose and combine digital elements., the importance of self and peer evaluation, and to be effective when working independently as well as when collaborating with team.


Our students learn, to be able to create interactive programs by using a visual programming language, textual programming language and related computational terminology, the hardware components inside a computer/tablet/smartphone, what an operating system is and why it is used, to understand the history of Computer Science, as well as key figures in history, to understand what an algorithm is and why they are used, to have a basic understanding how search engines work, to learn what local area networks are and to have a basic understanding of how the internet works.


Year 7

The Internet, spreadsheets, databases, presenting information and programming using Python

Year 8

ESafety, Apps for Good, spreadsheets, databases, web design (including HTML)

Year 9

ESafety, ICT and enterprise, computer hardware and networking, future technologies, programming using Python


Key Stage: