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Useful websites for parents & pupils

You can visit Master Classes at Gabbitas online where you will find courses for a particular age or year group. http://www.masterclasses.co.uk/default2.asp

The University of East Anglia runs a range of exciting events for Gifted & Talented students, including summer schools, subject courses and special university lectures. For Information about upcoming events, or to make a booking, visit www.uea.ac.uk/giftedandtalented

The University of Cambridge offers Challenge Days for Year 10 Gifted and Talented students. Visit http://www.study.cam.ac.uk/undergraduate/access/challengedays/

For information on the University of Cambridge Year 11 A Level Advice Sessions, visit www.study.cam.ac.uk/undergraduate/events/subjectmatters.html

Excellence East offers a range of good resources and activity days for Gifted and Talented students. Visit the Parent/Carer Zone of their website for an up-to-date calendar of events and their most recent resources. www.excellenceeast.org.uk/

The Sutton Trust offers a range of funded projects, research and summer schools (including at Cambridge University). It is particularly intended to provide educational opportunities for able students from disadvantaged backgrounds and increase social mobility. www.suttontrust.com

GIFT has continued to provide extension activities to our more able students. Able students are invited to attend residential weekends. During the weekend, students take part in a range of projects. There is plenty of discussion, individual attention, opportunity to go off at tangents, depth and breadth of learning at the highest level and networking with like-minded students. The students work in small groups with a graduate/post-graduate expert lecturer in the field. For further information about GIFT, take a look at http://www.giftltd.co.uk/

The Children’s University is an exciting and fun opportunity to encourage students to engage in out of school hour’s activities in order to broaden their horizons and in addition to be rewarded for attending fun learning activities beyond the school day.  The scheme is for 5 to 14 year olds but older children can become involved as volunteers in Children’s University activities.

Every child has a passport and collects stamps or signatures for every hour of accredited learning that they take part in.  An award ceremony will be held at least once a year to give out certificates (30 stamps will earn a bronze certificate). More information can be found on the following websites: www.childrensuniversity.co.uk and www.essexchildrensuniversity.co.uk