Safeguarding and Child Protection

The following extracts are taken from our Safeguarding Policy:

Purpose and Aims

The purpose of Hadleigh High School’s safeguarding policy is to provide a secure framework for the school in safeguarding and promoting those pupils who attend our school. The policy aims to ensure that:

  • All our pupils are safe and protected from harm.
  • Other elements of provision and policies are in place to enable pupils to feel safe and adopt safe practices.
  • Staff, pupils, governors, visitors, volunteers and parents are aware of the expected behaviours’ and the school’s legal responsibilities in relation to the safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all of our pupils.


Safeguarding in Hadleigh High School is considered everyone’s responsibility and as such our school aims to create the safest environment within which every pupil has the opportunity to achieve. Hadleigh High School recognises the contribution it can make in ensuring that all pupils registered or who use our school feel that they will be listened to and appropriate action taken. We will do this by endeavouring to work in partnership with other agencies and seek to establish effective working relationships with parents, carers and other colleagues to develop and provide activities and opportunities throughout our curriculum that will help to equip our children with the skills they need.

If you have any safeguarding concerns, please contact any of the following people, 01473 823 496.

Mr Trevor Brigden - Assistant Headteacher & Designated Lead for Safeguarding

Mrs Nicola Shingleton - Deputy Headteacher & Deputy Designated Lead for Safeguarding

Mrs Caroline Gibson - Headteacher & Alternate Designated Lead for Safeguarding

Mrs Becky Preedy - Named Governor for Safeguarding