Learning Support Department


At Hadleigh High School we are committed to developing and promoting an inclusive community. The Special Educational Needs Coordinator (senco) works alongside two Intervention Coordinators (Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4) and a team of 15 Learning Support Assistants. Together we ensure that pupils with additional needs achieve the very best they can. Pupils are worked with both in and out of the classroom, in small groups and on a one to one basis – always ensuring that our provision is closely tailored to the needs of individuals. We work with a variety of external agencies, such as the Educational Psychology Service, the County Advisory Team and County Inclusive Resource. Pupil progress is closely monitored and there is a regular interchange of information between teaching staff, external agencies and the Learning Support Department. This, combined with a focus on learning and teaching, ensures that all students at our school are fully included and have an opportunity to succeed. Careful attention is given to the needs of individual students and highly personalised provision is made for pupils with more specific needs for example, for those with Autism or those with physical difficulties. The school is fully wheelchair accessible.

All Year 6 pupils are invited to visit for the day in July and take part in ‘taster’ lessons. In addition to this, an ‘extra’ induction day is offered for those who would benefit from a more gradual and structured introduction to High School.  These are ideal opportunities for children to become familiar with the layout of the school, to start to form new friendships and alleviate any concerns they may have about the transition.

Inclusion and the Disability Discrimination Act

The school is aware of its obligations regarding the DDA and every effort is made to ensure maximum inclusion of pupils with SEN throughout their school life. Teachers provide appropriate learning opportunities, ensuring full access to the National Curriculum. All pupils are encouraged to take as full a part as possible in extra curricular activities and pupils with SEN/disabilities are no exception. Learning Support Assistants accompany certain pupils with SEN on school trips ensuring their successful participation.