Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages

Type and Level of Qualification  GCSE Level 1/2

Exam Board and syllabus                 AQA

Course code:   4665 German      4655 French

Course Content                 

For both languages pupils study four units of work. They are: Lifestyle, Leisure, Home and Environment and Work and Education. Whilst studying these units, the speaking, listening, writing and reading skills of the pupils are developed. Pupils are then assessed in each of these skill areas. Assessment takes the form of controlled assessment for writing and speaking and external exam for reading and listening.

Methods of assessment                                                                                   

Assessment                                                                                        Weighting

Writing (two tasks)                              Controlled assessment          30%                                    

Speaking (two tasks)                           Controlled assessment          30%

Reading                                                   Examination                            20%

Listening                                                 Examination                            20%

Controlled assessments will take place throughout Y10 and Y11 when relevant sections of work are completed.


Each of the two tasks will last between 4 and 6 minutes. The content, the kind of language they need and how to use their preparatory work is fully discussed in class. Research can also be carried out outside the classroom. Students will complete each speaking task under controlled conditions with their class teacher.


Student aiming at grades G - D will produce 200-350 words across the two tasks. Students aiming at grades C - A* will produce 400-600 words across the two tasks. The final version is completed in exam conditions and will last for one hour following preparatory work in class on the relevant topic.

The Reading and Listening examinations take place in May –June each year.

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