GCSE Mathematics

EDEXCEL Mathematics 1MA1 (9-1)

Pupils begin the GCSE Mathematics course in Year 9 and it is a 3 year course. Upon successful completion the students are awarded a GCSE grade of 9 to 1. All students are entered for the GCSE although some may also take the entry level certificates to help build up their confidence.


The course is linear and all students will take 3 terminal examinations in the last term of year 11.

Paper one: Non calculator 1 hour 30 minutes

Paper two: Calculator 1 hour 30 minutes

Paper three: Calculator 1 hour 30 minutes

All papers will require the students to use their mathematical skills linked to number, algebra, shape, space and measures, ratio and proportion and data handling. The students will also need to apply these skills to a range of problem solving situations.

(Students will also take mock examinations throughout the course to help them to build up their confidence in tackling questions set)

Students are required to bring the necessary equipment to school including blue or black pens, pencils, rubber, ruler and a calculator. It is also advisable that they have a pair of compasses and an angle measurer (protractor)


How can you help?

Students should be encouraged to use the ICT maths resources both in school and at home (if accessible). These are and

Students have logins and passwords for both of these.

If you have any other questions about Mathematics please do not hesitate to contact Miss Elliott at


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