Type and Level of Qualification: GCSE Level 1/2

Exam Board and syllabus: WJEC - Geography syllabus B

Course Content:

The GCSE course is based around 3 themes:

  • Theme 1- Challenges of living in a built environment.
  • Theme 2 – Physical processes and relationships between people and environments.
  • Theme 3 – Uneven development and sustainable environments.


Methods of assessment:

  • Unit 1 – Challenges and Interactions in Geography (30%):

Written paper – 1 hour (foundation or higher tier) = 60 marks.

Two compulsory structured questions, one from Theme 1 and one from Theme 2, each containing a choice of case study.

  • Unit 2 – Development and Problem Solving Geography (45%):

Written paper – 2 hours (foundation or higher tier) = 90 marks.

  • Section A – One compulsory structured question from Theme 3 containing a choice of case study;
  • Section B – A cross-unit problem solving exercise structured in three parts.
  • Unit 3 – Fieldwork Enquiry (25%):

Controlled assessment = 50 marks.

An enquiry based on fieldwork.


Key  dates of assessments:

Controlled Assessment  - Geographical Enquiry (one piece):

This takes place at the end of the summer term in Year 10 (the limited level of control aspect) and at the beginning of Year 11 (the high control aspect).

There are two phases:

1 - Limited level of control:

  1. Planning/pre-fieldwork (up to 3 hours) – Students will plan what data to collect and how to collect it. They will also collect relevant background information to be able to contextualise their task.
  2. Field work (one day) – Students will collect and record their evidence.
  3. Research phase (up to 5 hours) – Students will collate and present their evidence, and will research and select secondary data.

2 – High level of control:

Analysis and evaluation of findings (up to 10 hours) – Students will select, refine, analyse and interpret their evidence. They will use it to draw conclusions relating to the original hypothesis. They will then evaluation their investigation.

Controlled assessment deadline: October 2014.

All exams taken May-June 2015.


Additional textbooks and supporting materials:

GCSE Geography for WJEC/CBAC ISBN 9780340906125 (available electronically on Froggle)

CPG GCSE Geography Revision Guide (ISBN-10: 1847624294)

Also follow the department on Twitter - @GeographyHHS (for revision tips, geography in the news, useful links, etc).

How parents can help:

  • Encourage your child to take an interest in relevant television programmes and news items in magazines and newspapers relating to areas of study.
  • Encourage your child to attend catch-up sessions – every Tuesday in HM5 between 2.50 and 3.45, also revision sessions in Year 11.
  • Reinforce the importance of the coursework to the final grade (25%).
  • Encourage your child to meet homework and coursework deadlines.
  • Assist your child with topic revision – particularly specific case study detail.
Key Stage: