Food Technology

Food Technology

Type and Level of Qualification: GCSE Level 1/2

Exam Board and syllabus: OCR Design and Technology: Food Technology

Course code: J302

Course Content

  • Food safety and hygiene.
  • Nutrition/healthy eating.
  • Dietary requirements of different individuals and special diets for medical reasons.
  • Physical and chemical properties of basic foods/ Food science.
  • Modern methods of food processing and preservation.
  • Marketing and advertising of food/ Being an Entrepreneur.
  • Methods of food preparation using a wide range of tools and equipment.
  • Use of specialist computer software to analyse the nutritional value of recipes.
  • You will have the chance to experiment with lots of new and exciting ingredients from a global shopping list.
  • You will be asked to produce creative and innovative products that could be sold in the supermarkets, whilst bearing in mind the key elements of healthy eating.

Methods of assessment

Unit A521 Introduction to designing and making  - Controlled assessment: 30%

Unit A523 Making Quality products -  Controlled assessment: 30%

Unit A525 Technical aspects of designing and making - Exam: 40%

Key dates of assessments

Introduction to Designing and Making (Unit A521): April Year 10

Making Quality products (Unit A523): October Year 11

Examination (Unit A525) taken May-June Year 11

Additional textbooks and Supporting materials

GCSE D&T Food Technology OCR Revision Guide (CGP) ISBN : 978184762 3577

How parents can help

  • Encourage your child to take an interest in relevant television programmes and news items in magazines and newspapers relating to areas of study
  • Ask questions about work – show an interest
  • Reinforce the importance of the Controlled Assessment Projects to the final grade (60%)
  • Encourage your child to meet homework and coursework deadlines
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