Religious Studies

Year 7

What Will I Learn?

Autumn Term:          Christianity: - Beliefs and concepts.  Expressions and Spirituality and Rights and Responsibilities

Spring Term:            Islam: - What do Muslims believe, 5 pillars of Islam.  Belief in the after life

Summer Term:        The Life of Jesus: - Birth, Ministry, Parables miracles, arrest, trial, crucifixion and resurrection.

How will I be assessed?   The students will be assessed on the basis of 5 assessment tasks set throughout the year.  Some of these assessments will consist of homework tasks the others will take place in lessons.

  • Research the “Diary of Anne Frank”
  • Should religious leaders become involved in politics
  • Evil and suffering
  • Christianity and social justice
  • Influence of Christian teaching on organisations working for the marginalised.

Year 8

What Will I Learn?

Autumn Term:         Sikhism: Origins, Beliefs and Practice, Sikhism today.

Spring Term:           Festivals: History, Customs, And Celebrations

Summer Term:        Creation/Evolution: comparative studies of cosmology.

How will I be assessed?   Assessments will follow the same format as in Year 7 and include the following:-

  • Sikhism – Evaluate the significance of the Ten Gurus
  • Sikhism – Explore the significance of the 5ks
  • Festivals – Produce a booklet explaining the meaning behind the Jewish festival of Passover
  • Festivals – Design your own festival based upon the imaginary festival of “Borbinog”
  • Pilgrimage – Design a post card sent home from a pilgrimage of your choice.

Year 9

What Will I Learn?

Autumn Term:         Buddhism

Spring Term:           Inspirational Figures

Summer Term:        Evil and suffering/Big Question

How Will I Be Assessed:   As above, e.g. Assessments follow same format as Year 7.

  • Buddhism:    Describe how Siddhartha’s experiences came to change his life and led to this becoming the Buddha.
  • Buddhism:    What is meant by the term karma?
  • Influential Leaders: Preparation and presentation of inspirational leaders of the students choice
  • Justice:          Christian teachings which have influenced modern thinking on the concept of Justice.
  • Suffering:       Study of example of prejudice and discrimination


The main activities to help you learn at KS3 are as follows:-

  • Studying different world religion e.g. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism and Hinduism
  • Handling religious artefacts
  • Research using the internet and library
  • Visits to different places of worship e.g. Sikh Temple (Gurdwara), Bury Cathedral
  • Developing debating skills
  • Developing essay and writing skills
Key Stage: