Music has a unique and important position within the curriculum at Hadleigh High school that contributes to the pupil’s education, and to the life of the school and the wider community. All students, regardless of prior experience or capability, are engaged in active music making and are allowed to feel a sense of achievement. Music is an intellectually enriching and stimulating study that develops many transferrable skills, such as concentration, imagination, co-ordination, individual confidence, self-discipline and team work.

At Key Stage 3 all work is based on the national curriculum, with the focus on the three main skill areas of performance, composition and listening and appraising. This allows for a smoother transition to Key Stage 4.

Topics at Key Stage 3 have been designed to provide pupils with as wide a variety of different musical styles as possible. These range from areas of world music such as African Drumming, Indian music and Samba; classical musical and influential composers, as well as more popular styles such as Blues music, Britpop and Dance music.

 These are a wide range of constantly developing topics suitable for each year group and designed to promote practical music making alongside developing an understanding of different cultures. Pupils also enjoy exploring the social and historical context of different genres and how music has often been used to reflect the world around us. Pupils are encouraged to sing and perform on instruments, both on their own and as part of groups of varying sizes. Each topic allows pupils to explore their own creative ideas through composition tasks. Throughout each topic, pupils will be involved in a variety of listening tasks, requiring them to articulate their thoughts about different pieces using musical vocabulary to back up their ideas. 

Pupils are encouraged to get involved in the extra curricular side of music, with clubs on offer such as Soul Band, Choir and Flute Choir. The department hold two main concerts (Christmas and Summer) but pupils are also given opportunities to get involved in events within the community. For example, recent events have included performing with Hadleigh Choral Society and taking part in a Gospel workshop and concert.

Key equipment

The department has a range of instruments but pupils are encouraged to bring in their own instruments to lessons to support their instrumental learning.


Pupils are expected to undertake a project each half term, connected with the scheme of work currently under study in the classroom.

Pupils are also expected to work towards their main assessment which normally takes place towards the end of each half-term. Practice rooms are available for booking to support pupils in this.

Key Stage: