At Key Stage 3 all work is based on the national curriculum and covers a wide range of topics involving Number, Algebra, Shape & Space and also Data Handling. Pupils are offered a wide range of activities which enhance and challenge their learning. This is done through the use of worksheets, text books, group activities, ICT based learning and problem solving. Staff are encouraged to develop new resources, as well as use the ones already in place. When entering the school at Year 7 pupils will experience a half term induction to the Maths department, and work within their form groups. They are then assessed and set in to groups according to their ability.

As well as end of topic tests pupils are formally assessed at least twice every academic year. At the end of each assessment pupils create their own data sheet (Red Amber Green sheet – RAG) which allows them to take responsibility for identifying areas of strength and topics which require improvement. A copy of this is place in their planner and pupils are encouraged to use it to develop their Mathematical knowledge further.

The school currently subscribes to both MyMaths and MathsWatch. These are online websites which have proven to be extremely useful sources of information, activities and revision material. Pupils will be given log ins to these websites upon their arrival at HHS. These ICT based learning facilities are available during some lessons through the use of the schools 3 ICT suites, laptops and Maths iPads. Both websites are also accessible from home following these links:

Key equipment
All pupils are expected to bring a minimum of pens (blue or black), pencils, ruler, rubber and calculator.

Desirable equipment
Scientific calculator, a Maths set (compasses, protractor), green pen for self assessment and colouring pens/pencils.

Homework is set once a week in years 7, 8 and 9.

Key Stage: