Art & Design

At Key Stage 3 all work is based on the national curriculum and delivered in the form of projects. These are a wide range of constantly developing projects suitable for each year group and based on a broad experience of drawing, painting, ICT, print making, ceramics, textiles and sculpture. Staff are encouraged to develop new resources to support schemes of work. These schemes of work are written to support children of all abilities. The schemes are varied to cover a wide range of imaginative, cultural and observed themes. We have a broad and balanced range of opportunities aimed to encourage all students to find a medium in which to gain creative and personal success.
For example, a scheme of work for Year 9, "It's Our World" : We draw and paint from observation by going into Hadleigh photographing and drawing from our surroundings to help aid our project work. From these observations and photographs we look at how artists portray landscape and we paint landscapes in the style of different artist’s. We encourage pupils to research their own artists to improve their independence. Staff deliver workshops introducing techniques and processes. Pupils then have to develop their own ideas using all gathered research, this results in the designing and making their final piece.

Key equipment

All equipment is provided however voluntary contributions are gratefully received. They also may want to purchase their own equipment such as pencils, paints, and paint brushes to help complete homework.


Homework is set once a fortnight in years 7, 8 and 9.

Year 7

At the start of the year the year 7 pupils complete a drawing and a baseline test to look at prior knowledge and skill. Year 7 pupils study colour theory and painting for the first half of the year. In the second half of the year they re-visit drawing styles and then they design and make 3D robots using clay. Both projects look at a variety of artists.

Year 8

In year 8 pupils have three projects. One project is a print project. Pupils learn how to create a lino print and how to produce a screen print. The second project looks at a culture and the pupils practise their painting skills. The third project they design and make a teapot out of clay. Like in year seven each project looks at a variety of artists to help develop their art knowledge and skill.

Year 9

In year 9 they are given a lot more freedom and independence. At the start of the year they are given a topic/theme and they are given demonstrations and workshops on techniques and artists. They then have to independently develop their own ideas, experimenting with different media and processes, resulting in a final outcome. The second project is to produce a personal sketchbook based on interests, experiences, friendships etc. This is something they can take with them and learn from regardless of whether they take Art as a option or not.

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